Scurlock 8 – No Pasaran!

12 Nov

Recommended Play: The Resistable Rise of Arturio Uri – Brecht

Recommended Novel: Much Obliged, Jeeves – P.G. Wodehouse


The following views are my own and I welcome constructive debate.


In 2001 I went to see a play at Chapter Arts Centre in Canton, Cardiff called ‘Franco’s Bastard’ and I’d be grateful if someone could remind me of the author’s name. This told the story of a Wales Free Army leader so deranged with visions of becoming the first Fuhrer of Wales that he couldn’t see that ordinary people, on the mass, did not share his views. Add to this the belief that he was the natural successor, biologically as well as politically, to that butcher Francisco Franco, added to the pathetic nature of this character.


Following the latest victory over homophobia in the courts last week that decided a couple were breaking the law by denying a double bed to a same-sex couple in their B&B, decency-botherer Nick Griffin, leader of the crumbling neo-Nazi BNP, twittered that we should support the bigotry of the B&B couple and even threatened the same-sex couple with attack by publishing their full address and warning ‘a visit’ was imminent.

(The fact that this buffoon can even spell is a miracle.)


Wales has a proud tradition of resisting and standing up to Fascism and racism in our streets, workplaces, places of education and homes. Theatre has assisted in this fight, producing powerful indictments of creatures like Griffin and Franco, showing that we should look to history to see how even the lowest of human beings can rise up and destroy the hopes and lives of millions. if anyone knows of, or has written, or is writing any such plays that may be coming out soon, please let me know.


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