Scurlock 9 – Dirty Protest at National Theatre Wales

12 Nov

One of the greatest achievements of the ruling class could be said to be their ability to make the working class ashamed of itself. MTV’s shameful ‘The Valley’s’ has young people representing the worst stereotypes of the working class that our so called ‘betters’ can throw at us. Violent. Alcoholic or border line. Drug taking. Fake tanning. and on and on and on.

Another perpetrator is Channel 4’s Shameless and I leave readers of this message to comment further on that dribble of…


Dirty Protest, which you can join via NTW group website, offered an alternative look at working class and generally ‘valleys people’. I grew up in the valleys and the grandparents and great aunts and uncles that surrounded me were good, humourous, honest, proud, hard-working people who believed that everyone should be given a fair start in life. My father grew up in a house where his father banned all alcohol, except in the pub of course.


South Wales. Rebecca Riots, The Merthyr Riots, Dic Penderyn, The Chartists, 500 miners going to Spain in the 1930’s to fight Fascism whilst dozens of women-led support groups in the Valleys would send aid packages to families in Spain suffering under Franco’s Jackboot, Nye Bevin, Cardiff Coalition to Defend Asylum Seekers, Bridgend Stop the War Group, The Miner’s Strike, mass marches against the fascist BNP in the 90’s and post-millenium,… The list goes on. But this is not the valleys that MTV want’s to portray. But thankfully there are groups like Dirty Protest willing to give a real voice to the real people of the Valleys.


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