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2 Jul

today, July 2nd 2016, I turn 40 and I’ve decided to keep a daily political/introspective blog about UK an international politics, my own anxiety issues, the nature of being Welsh, how to fight prejudice, the benefits of decent pair of shoes in British weather and facing the next year as a slightly screwed up single dad on the far left and almost on the edge.

I’ve decided to begin my one year weight loss regime with a pub breakfast, large, no mushroom and a large diet drink. See? diet. self-delusion is a wonderful thing. Diet whatever drink sits up there alongside ‘one more cake and that’s my last’, or ‘I’ll start the diet on Monday’ or ‘Hmm, Christmas day. I’ll definitely try church on Christmas day.

But when you’re a non -orthodox Trotskyist standing in the classical Marxist tradition that adopts the state-capitalist analysis towards the ‘communist’ oligarchy’s, and an over-eater suffering from anxiety disorder, one more cake is more than one more cake.

It is the comfort blanket that leaves you cold, like hugging a person with claws, like kissing a snake or attending a Lib-Dem annual conference.

Having voted Leave as an anti-capitalist vote (Lexit campaign) I’ve needed more than one ‘one more cake’ than usual.

Weight: 21st 1lb

Mood: uncertain.